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How To Sell Your RV FAST!

And you want to sell your motorhome, travel trailer, 5th wheel, pop up trailer or camper. You coulde be upgrading or you're done. If you've decided to sell for whatever reason, we want to offer some advice. Some of the problems with buying also come with selling. You can trade it in, sell it yourself, use a broker or consign the RV for sale? These are all good options. Keep reading.

There are 4 essential steps to Sell My RV Fast!: 1-Clean it
2-Find the 'right' price of your RV
3-Determine how to market your RV
4-Be prepared to make the transaction

1- Clean it- Buyers want a clean machine

rv wash sponge
This may seem obvious but, we're going to give you some tips that will make your RV look immaculate. Engine: Wash it off at the car wash then spray Armor All Tire Foam on it. This chemical will make it look new. You don't need to wipe it off. Just let it soak in. When dry it'll be awesome.

Cab: It needs to look new. No matter how old your RV is, you can make it look new. 1-It's best to start cleaning first. You'll need several size brushes including" a basic 6 inch hand brush, a tooth brush and a NEW toilet brush. Use carpet shampoo, made for extraction machines.
rv brushes
It's highly concentrated so use about a quarter cup with a gallon of hot water. Start with your 4 inch brush and clean as many surfaces as you can. Start with upholstery: You simply "dip" the brush in the solution, knock off the excess and and scrub the upholstery. You want to agitate it 'till it's clean. Then clean vinyl and rubber the same way. You need to get ALL the dust and grime out of the crevasses nooks and crannies. Don't forget under the seats. Use the tooth brush when you get to small spaces. Use the toilet brush for corners and tight areas. You can also use a wash cloth when needed.
2- Next: spray all vinyl and rubber with Armor All Tire Foam. Spray it on and wipe it off.
3- Clean all the glass, inside and out. Your cab should look new now.

Cabin: Do the same to the cabin that you did to the cab.

Exterior: You want it to look clean, new and shiny. Some RV's are too old to ever look shiny so the best you can hope for is clean. Mine is only 4 years old but I still had to use a buffer to get all the acid rain off. I used a liquid wash/polish for this. Use Tire Foam on the tires and any rubber trim, hub caps or black paint.

2-Find the Right Price

rv man thinking harder
Buyers probably already know what you're RV is worth. They've been looking at similar year, make and model. If you price it too high, they won't even bother contacting you. You can probably never price it too low. The only problem with too low is it will look more like a scam. Everybody is price concious. Everybody wants a good deal. Everybody wants to take advantage of a seller.
So, to determine a price we recommend starting with NADA. Please keep in mind, NADA might not be right for your area. In my area, RV's sell for more and so people just sell them for more when they sell them. Do some research by checking local classifieds or search with our Advanced Search to find listing prices for similar RV's.
Great Tip: Price your RV a little high so you can negotiate making the buyer think they got to give you the 'screws'.

3-Determine how to market your RV

rv man thinking hard again
Where Can I List My RV For Sale
Online: 80% of buyers search online.
If you are serious about sselling, you need the most exposure you can get. There are many sites that specialize in RV's only. They go to great lengths to get buyers and traffic. An RV is an expensive investement so many buyers are going to be willing to travel out of state to purchase the right RV. You want to list your RV where buyers from surrounding states will find it. Driving 5 hours to pick up a $100,000 RV is not an issue. These are people that want to travel anyway. The point is: don't be affraid to advertise your RV nation wide. It will increase your chances of a sale. You might also consider delivery in your price or for a price.
Some online sites charge between $30 and $199 for a listing. At SnapRV.com we only charge $4.77 for a nation wide 30 day ad.

Trade it In
Trading your RV in to a dealer or simply selling it to a dealer is always an option. Of course, dealers are in the business to make a profit so, expect to get 'gouged'. Seriously Gouged. We are hoping to help keep you from getting ripped off by a dealer. SnapRV.com offers a better way.

Online Auction
eBay is the most famous of these auction sites. And it's a good option. You get nation wide exposure and if you know how the system works, you can often get a good price. You can accept a PayPal deposit and get a wire transfer for the balance. The costs are ok if you actually sell it. Expect $125 to list and $300 selling fee for a $20K RV. Not too bad it sells. If not, it will cost $125.

Consignment is a good option. Many dealers will ask 20% of the selling price and it will eliminate a lot of the hassle for you. The downside might be: The RV could get damaged. Make sure you have full coverage insurance on the RV. It's probably going to be returned dirty. You might see it in Yellowstone because the dealer let his friend use it.

4-Be prepared to make the transaction

rv title
Find the Title
If have the title make sure you have it in hand. If you've lost it you'll need to apply for a duplicate from your DMV. This could take a couple weeks. If your bank has the title, you'll want to contact them and refresh yourself on the transfer process and get the exact pay off amount.
Collect all your maintenance records. Buyers tend to be impressed with a robust maintenance history.
Payment Transfer
As someone who has sold numerous RV's online, my recommendations are: Get a PayPal deposit of at least $1000 and require a bank transfer for the balance. In the case of a delivered RV, we recommend a 50% bank transfer deposit and the balance transfered on delivery.
Because of the large number of counterfeit Cashiers Checks being used we recommend never accepting them.
Escrow.com offers a great escrow service where they will hold funds until the buyer inspects and accepts the RV. This is good as it protects both buyer and seller and you know you will get your funds.
Use Escrow.com for Secure Transactions
Escrow.com: Buy or Sell Online Without the Fear of Fraud
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