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Good Ideas and Gadgets for Boon Docking

Extra Water and a Pump

This will allow you to refill your RV water tank when you get low. If you had at least enough for 1 more RV shower you'd be happy but you could have 50 gallons very easy.

The Water Bandit

Allows you to connect a hose to a stripped spigot or a faucet with no spigot.

100 Feet of RV Fresh Water Hose

Allows you to get water from a long distance. Use this with the water bandit and you could fill up from a bathroom sink.

Portable RV Solar Panel

Allows you to point it directly into the sun for early morning or evening sun.

Extra Heavy Duty Charger

Run your generator and charge your batteries. Most RV converters are charging at low amps so the guy in the video bought a $250 IntelliCharge RV Converter but you could actually use a car battery charger with a Starting circuit for about $50. This will charge quicker.

Long Range Walkie Talkies, CB and a Emergency Weather Radio

I actually have a CB radio and a Ham radio. If you ever needed to call for roadside assistance or medical help this would be very handy.

Radiant Propane Heater

This is actually all I use in my RV. They don't use any 12 volts so you conserve batteries.

Battery Operated and Solar Lanterns

You might be: "Golly! You've already got battery operated lights in your RV". True but, it's always a priority to not run your house batteries dead. You need those to take a shower.

SeaLevel After Market Tank Level Meter

This is the first I've seen one of these. Something this accurate would be nice in an RV.

Tri-Metric After Market Battery Level Meter

I have one of these with my solar charge controller. Something this is nice in an RV.

Roof Mounted WIFI Booster and Trucker Cell Phone Booster Antenae by WeBoost

I have one of these with my solar charge controller. Something this is nice in an RV.

Tall Flag and Pole

Helps you find your RV.

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