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RV Hook Ups and What You Need

Here's the List:

1- A Sewer Drain Hose You may also want a clear elbo so you can see when the flow as fluid stops.
camco rv sewer hose
2- A White Fresh Water Hose and regulator and maybe a filter. Fresh water hoses are always white. Fresh water hoses are used to fill your water tank. And to connect the RV to city water. When using water in your tank, the pump will pressurize the system. When connected to city water, your tank and water pump are bypassed and the city pressurizes the system. Always use a regulator when hooked up to city water. Pressure can build and burst the lines in your RV. You can sanitize your water system by adding a half cup of un scented bleach to a full tank of water. It will kill any germs as it goes through the system.
rv water hose
3- A Green Hose for washing out your holding tanks. There may be times when you want to fill your black tank through the toilet to rinse off your sensors. Some times they get mucked up and won't register correctly making it look like it's full.
rv green hose for rinsing rv sewer tanks
4- Electrical Connections Deterine what amperage your RV requires and decide if you'll need any adapters. If you have 1 A/C it's probably 30 amps but a 15.5 btu A/C will need 50 amps. If you have 2 A/C's it'll be 50 amp. 30 amp plugs are 3 prong. 50 amp are 4 prong.
Most campgrounds will have 30 amp and 50 amp spots. If you end up having to use a 50 amp spot because of availability, you'll need a adaptor for your 30 amp plug. Or vise versa.
If you want to plug your RV into your house, you'll need a 30 to 15 amp adapter.
rv electrical adapter

RV For Sale By Owner Classified Listings

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