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How Much Weight Can My Truck Tow?

Let's Keep It Simple. Here Are Some Tips

What is the towing capacity of my truck. You need to know this number. This is NOT: GVWR, this is how much weight your truck can hold over the basic curb weight. It will NOT be found on the door jamb. Towing capacity is a reference to the drive train specifically and how much it's going to pull without hurting it.
You can try an internet seach but the towing capacity is also in your owners manual.

Then, once you know your towing capacity, you can match it to a trailers GVWR (Gross Vehicle Weight Rating). This will be found on a placard on the left front side of your trailer, by law. This is the weight your trailer can weigh when fully loaded. Most manufactureres will leave about 30% for cargo and water. ie: a 7000 lbs Trailer GVWR will weigh empty about 4620 lbs / Unloaded Vehicle Weight (UVW). That's 2380 lbs cargo capacity.
So, your trucks towing capacity must be at least 7000 lbs. When determining cargo weight, you need to include: cargo, water and people both in the truck and trailer.

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