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RV For Sale By Owner Classified Listings

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Tips for Buying a Used RV By Owner

Buying a Used RV is a Great Way to Save Money

Many are only lightly used and have already suffered the brunt of depreciation. but buying a used RV can be a disaster if you don't know what to look for.

Check for Water Damage

There are many causes of water damage but generally the seams on an RV will flex and move causing the seams to give out and leak. Many times the leak hasn't shown any signs of damage it will be time befare they do. If the previous owner hasn't inspected and maintained the seams you can find damage. Look for delamination on the outside. This is where the fiberglass separates from the backing. This will show up as soft spots or bubbles on the side wall of the RV. On the interior you will see stains and ripples in the walls and wall paper.

Check All the Systems on the RV for Proper operation

This will include: LP gas, plumming, electrical and every appliance on the RV. If the owner does not agree to this inspection, do not buy from them. Any appliance can cost $1000 or more to have replaced.

Check Drive Line: Engine, Transmission and Rear End

If you are not comfortable performing this inspection you need to have a mechanic inspect it. You'll be looking underneath for leaks, all belts and hoses, tires, engine noises, all fluids should be topped of and clean. Ask the previous owner for maintenance records. You'll need a road driving test where you'll inspect engine, trans and brakes for proper operation. Check all controls on the dash board including, A/C, heat, wipers, horn etc. Tires that are 6 years old or more should be inspected by a professional. Excessive cracking from the weather will require new tires which can be very expensive.

Make Sure it Meats your Needs

Is it small enogh or big enough. Do you like the floor plan. Is there adequate storage inside and outside. Are there enough beds.

Can Your Tow Vehicle Tow It

We have an article helping you determine your towing capacity Here

negotiating Price

Some owners owe more than it's worth. Use the NADA Guide to determine price and negotiate from there. If the RV needs repairs, ask if you can get a discount for the repairs.

Hope this helps in buying or selling your Used RV For Sale By Owner

RV For Sale By Owner Classified Listings

Place a Classified Ad at SnapRV.com

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