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RV What is RV Boon Docking and How to Do It

RV What is RV Boon Docking

Boon Docking can be defined as living in an RV without hook ups for free. Usually it refers to camping in the wilderness without hook ups. The 2 attractions to this for RVer's is: 1- It's Free and 2 - You're out in the solitude of the wilderness.
There are many BLM (Bureau of Land Management) sites where you can do this usually with a 14 day limit then you're required to move 25 miles as the crow flies to be able to continue. I'm not sure how long you have to be off the land before you can return but it's probably 14 days.

Things to consider:

-Water. If there's a water source nearby, you could fill your tank with a bucket and funnel. Otherwise, you'll need to conserve. Taking 'Navy' showers isn't the best way. I just keep the pressure at a minimum. I won't live without a shower so, if I run out, it's time to go get some. Keeping a large container or 5 gallon bucket in the shower is great for flushing toilets. Always use bottled drinking water.. no matter where you are.
-Electric. I have 700 watts of solar and 4 - 6 volt batteries. If you aren't this far along you'll want to consider a generator for charging your batteries.
-Dumping holding tanks. If you hug a tree for your toilet, you wont need to dump. It's legal to dump grey water on BLM land. Please dig a hole for your tree hugging adventures then cover it. It's only polite.

Other Good Boon Docking Spots Include:

-Walmart. Not all walmarts allow overnight parking.
-Cracker Barrell. They allow overnight parking.
-Cabella's. They allow overnight parking.
-Many RV parks offer dry camp sites at discounts.
-Here are some sites that will help you find Boon Docking camping spots:

Here are Some Important Tips:

-Enjoy the outdoors. This is why you're here.
-Be respectful to the land and other campers. Leave no sign of you being there. -Don't park too close to others. 300 feet is the minimum.
-Don't store trash outside. You'll attract bears and rodents. Separate paper from garbage. You can bury food waste. Take the paper out with you.
-You might want to check your cell service coverage map if you're going to need a cell phone or data.
-If it gets windy or storm, please retract your awnings and even slides.
-Consider sending GPS coordinates to family incase you get in trouble. They can send authorities to look for corpses and entrails.
-Using Google maps with #D view will help get an idea of terrain and road conditions. Scouting ahead by walking up ahead will save you a lot of trouble. Search for "dispersed camping [YOUR CITY, STATE]"
-Using your curtains or blinds to keep the sun out will help keep it cool. Also, a shade on your front windshield.
-At night, open the windows to help cool the coach.
-Conserving batteries by using candles or flash lights will help for when you need your batteries.
-Some suggest prepping your meals ahead of time. Not so much for me.

Overview of this Video

These people debunk 9 of the myths about RV boon docking.
1- "It's way out in nowheres-ville" Many spots can be within 10 miles of a city.
2- "You won't have internet" You can use cell phone data and you can use a wifi booster.
3- "You have no power" Generators and solar panels solve this.
4- "You will get murdered or robbed" They say it's been very safe. The worst things have been in RV parks.
5- "There's nothing to do" Hiking, fishing, contemplating your navel, internet and going into the city for eats.
6- "It's lonely out there" Actually, you'll find many Boon Docking out there. Many camps are at capacity.
7- "Cooking is hard" You don't need to cook on a camp fire. You still have your RV kitchen.
8- "It's hard to find good spots" Not true. The best spots are isolated.
9- "You have to be all in" You don't have to be a hard core boon docker.

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