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Why We Bought A Gas RV Over Diesel

Mechanics are easier to find

If you have a Ford or GM chassis, there's always a dealer in every town that can work on it. There are also general mechanics that can work on them easily.

Cheaper to maintain

An oil change is $75. Diesels are $400-$600.

Easy to find a fuel station

Gas stations are everywhere and gass is cheaper than diesel.

Up front costs

Gas RV's are cheaper than diesels.

Gas engines last as long as we will need

The average RV drives 5000 miles a year. If you expect to get 300,000 miles out of a gas engine that's 60 years. And you can replace a gas engine for about $5000.

You can still tow and climb hills

A gas RV might be a little slower but they do just fine. Especially if you have an Allison transmission.

Size isn't everything

If you want a smaller RV or motorhome, you will only get gas as a choice.

Hope this helps in buying or selling your Used RV For Sale By Owner

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