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What to Consider Before Going Full Time RVing

Should I Go Full Time RVer'

1- You'll need to get rid of almost everything you own

This might not be a problem for you as you can't stand it anymore any way. But, because of the lack of storage and weight conserns, you won't be taking a lot with you.

2- You must choose an RV that works for you

The number of people that will be traveling with you will be an important factor. 2 adults and 2 kids will require at least 3 beds. You also need to determine how much free space you guys need. Like, do you need to be able to gat away from your significant other and have some free time? So if it's just you or you and 1 more, you can consider a smaller RV. Next: do you want a motorhome, travel trailer, fifth wheel or something custom. First the pro's and cons of towables. Fifth wheels are much easier to tow than a bumper pull. They are a little harder to hook up to the truck but they are more stable going down the road. They're almost as stable as a motorhome. The advantage of a towable is this: you can un hook and you have a small tow vehicle to drive around and tour the areas you visit. The cons compared to a motorhome are: You can't have your wife go back and make you a sandwich while you drive. You've got to pull over and make your sandwich your self.
The benefits of a motorhome are that they are much easier to drive compared to towing a trailer. You can get a very big roomy unit that will be shorter than a truck and trailer. you can have a 40 foot motorhome and with 40 feet of truck and bumper pull trailer, you would only have about 28 feet of living space since the truck is taking up about 18 feet. Plus you can always tow a driver which gives you something small to tour the sites. I prefer a motorhome as an experienced RV'er.

Gas VS Diesel

This can be complicated but here we go:
Diesel cons: they cost more and cost a lot to maintain.
Diesel pros: They go a million miles. They tow more.
Gas cons: They only go 2-300,000 miles. Towing limitations. Gas pros: Gas costs less. MSRP is less. Much cheaper and easier to maintain. I have a 34' gas Super C. Very happy.

3- Having a home base

Many people will obtain long term leases at RV parks, buying an RV lot or buying off grid land they can develop. Having off grid wilderness land would be my choice however, apart from getting US mail, there isn't much need to have a home base. As for mail, if you're still using it, there are forwarding services you can use and post office boxes to have it sent to. I personally like BLM land. There is a 14 day limit, but after 14 days you need to go fill up with water then you need to move 25 miles 'as the crow flys' for another 14 day stay. Then you can go back to the first spot and keep going back and forth.

4- RV Parks: What you get and how much are they

I'm currently in Phoenix, AZ. I compared the rates of some parks to give you an idea. Desert Shadows RV park gets $59 a night or $371 a week and $745 a month. This park on the north side of the valley, about 15 minutes from downtown.
$745 is not bad for a secure RV park with hookups. Compared to rent or mortgage. I have a goal of never paying for a campground. I'm currently parked at a Walmart and I've been here 8 days. After 8 days I need to go dump my tanks, get water and propane. Otherwise, I have 700 watts of solar and so I don't need any hookups. The $745 a month I save lets me do some fun stuff.
Calculate the Cost of Gas

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RV For Sale By Owner Classified Listings

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